Mountain climbing

God of the Takashi Okura mountaintop  By the oracle dream that Nomiya who was the back liman District Forestry Office charge ward director goes through in those days in every night around the beginning of the Showa era "I am God of the Takashi Okura mountaintop, (hide it this unpleasant fence)…It was told と.  The people of the back liman village which heard this story ask a founder of Hirosaki-shi for an object of worship of the bronze.  I did (I perform an anniversary of a death in the solar calendar now August 17 in the old calendar) on the mountaintop in 1930. It is about 60kg in weight. A figure of old various gods……According to …I keep Fuji, Mt. Asama-yama ノ Kazumitsu God, an easy delivery. In spite of being a digression, God of Mt. Iwaki-san is Toyoke Himekami in the same way……Inariyma, Mt. Chokai, an Iwaki god of the mountain…There is it with various kinds of grain, oxen and horses, silkworm mulberry.  God of Takashi Okura is three sisters with God of the woman, and, by the tradition, the haze mountain of the origin of city Ura village side, a younger sister are God of Mt. Iwaki-san an older sister. In addition, it is said that this God is a princess of the Emperor Jinmu.