In the ball pine beach of first Sunday, the sea festival that anyone can participate in is performed in August. I row a treasure hunt game and a bomb game, a float handle, and races pleasant events are varied. In addition, there are a seine net experience and a free sampling corner, the lottery of the scallop, an exhibition / the sale by various groups and I participate in an event and will get a luxurious prize. @ villager festival is held in village oldness and the general center on the third Sunday in September. Past industry Festival changed attraction and became it with conventional villager festival. I am divided into culture, industry, the welfare and health, an attraction and each section, and events such as the work exhibitions such as the ceramic art, sampling / the sale of the special product of the village, a corner about health / the welfare, a singing contest are jostling. I can sense Yomogitamura bodily entirely. (c)www.yomogitamura.com