green town yomogita

Creation  I strip off surface soil, and this housing complex develops land for the back, laying earth on the ground. The surface soil which I stripped off utilizes resources in the site effectively by reusing it as Toba soil of the housing complex circumference and of the city park part.  The laying earth on the ground materials use a first-rate sand bar in the village, and, as for this sand bar, strength / drainage characteristics are good from a quality of soil test result together. The topography  It was the alluvion flatland which contacted with the leader of the alluvial fan that developed in the East of Nakayama Mountains who made the spinal column of Tsugaru Peninsula, and the current topography was formed geographically by which covered buried. A geological feature  In this housing complex, I carried out a geological survey by machine bowling, Sweden-style sounding and grasped ground state of the site whole.  For the ground division when it considers influence of the earthquake, it is three kinds of ground, and, as a result of these, it is the place that is good in ground division.  Therefore, in late years worry to suffer damage by the liquefaction at the time of an earthquake tending to become the big problem is very few districts. (c)