Welcome to the homepage of Yomogitamura.
There are my village, Yomogitamura in the Michinoku gulf side of Tsugaru Peninsula, and it is a neighboring village of Aomori-shi.
It is known as a village of the Momotaro tomato, but it is the place that seems to be a Japanese hometown to be relieved at that I am full of nature, and was endowed with the marine products such as mountain products or the scallops such as edible wild plants.
It is approximately 30 minutes by privately-owned car each from Tohoku Expressway in JR Tsugaru line from Aomori Station.
Of the center of such Yomogitamura sell residential land in lots now, besides, along National highway No. 280 bypass.
Because anyone aims at the making of village to be able to live in in peace, come to my village once by all means.

The village is located for lat. 41 degrees N, long. 140 degrees E 40 minutes, and, as for the total area, 80.60 square km, the about 80% are the forest.
@The good field which a villager hangs long time in 15%, the level ground as for the current cultivated area area ratio and made opens. Using the rich agriculture water of three rivers flowing from Nakayama Mountains, I am called "Yonezo of the Kamiiso district".
@The Michinoku gulf is calm, and scallop culture is performed flourishingly.
@It is said that the south of the village walked the way of five villages (about 20km) in Aomori-shi, old days. National highway, JR line run through the village now in the north and south. The National highway No. 280 bypass is inaugurated to the mugwort hot spring in October, 2002, too, and a big effect is expected for local development.
@The Michinoku outside changes into the beach now.